Our Story

What We Do

The Burnt Coffee is a cafe dedicated to high-quality, single origin beans from Africa. Since opening our doors, both online and in our cafe in downtown Seattle, we've made a commitment to bringing you the finest roasted beans, so you can share great coffee with your friends.

 Why We Do It

Good coffee should be like friendship: rich, warm, and strong.

Everyone at The Burnt Coffee is dedicated to the idea that great coffee can connect us. Friendships are formed and bonds are strengthened by the stories, dreams, and ideas that we share over a great cup of coffee.


We started The Burnt Coffee Company with that mission in mind: to inspire the sharing of stories and the building of friendships over the perfect roast


Adam and Areig

The celebration of Ramadan lead to a night of great food, amazing people, and out of this world coffee including meeting my future wife. The evening consisted of indulging in Sudanese specialties and beautifully displayed Turkish cups of coffee. The smell of cardamom, burnt cream and roasted coffee filled the air. Marrying a first generation Sudanese woman came with an emphasis on culture, and perfectly roasted and brewed coffee. As a multicultural home, we hope to share with our community our love and passion for fresh locally roasted coffee with the scents and flavors of East African coffee that have traveled along the Nile river for centuries.


Gladwell and Jake

Jacob and wife Gladwell “Cheru” Grillo are no strangers to coffee. Cheru grew up in the famous Rift-Valley of Kenya where fresh organic coffee is grown. Coffee became one of the major drinks, uniting her friends and family under a circle of social gatherings. Cheru,, currently a Nurse; combines her African heritage and self-taught skills in sewing to make African Inspired beddings and décor. Jacobs love for coffee started at a young age during his first job as a “major brand” barista. Since than he never stopped dabbling in art of coffee making. Jacob, a healthcare provider with an MBA, chose to apply his vast knowledge towards his passion for coffee. The union of two different cultures in their relationship resulted in the marriage of the strong love for multicultural art, music and fresh grown, organic coffee. This un-doubtly has played a major role in the decision to embark on the journey of forming The Burnt Coffee Company. There is an African saying that states, “a united family eats from the same plate.” We would be honored if you join us at our coffee shop to enjoy not only the rich coffee but the deep multicultural art, music and community.