Direct Ship Orders Instructions

The direct ship program is designed to allow you to buy in commercial size quantities for sales at events, farmers markets and to friends and family. Please be sure you are familiar with all of your local and state laws as they vary dramatically from state to state. You can also use this program to sell to cafes, restaurants, and other retail establishments in strict compliance with FSMA.

You can be highly competitive as our pricing to you is about 15-20% lower than most midsized roasters can produce for.

Pricing is per the Direct Ship list. Shipping is not included and will be added to the invoice.

Minimum order quantities apply.

2oz = 12 units of any sku and be sure to include your label sheet with each order.
12oz and 16 oz units = 12+ of any origin or blend.
2lb = 6 units of each item
5lb = 4 units total.

The bulk orders tab in the app should be used for all non-2oz orders. If the offering of your choice is not available in the Bulk tab, it is due to that option not having an approved label on file. To proceed, be sure to upload and assign a label.

To place a direct order for 2oz, please carefully follow this process*.

Send the order via email to

In the subject line include your brand name and 'Direct Ship Order’.

Then in the body of your email include:

Shipping name and address.

Then the order:

Coffee name, sku, label # and qty.

This will trigger an invoice. Orders are processed in the order paid, and we generally fill them in 3-5 business days. Longer during holidays and other peak times.

Orders generally ship via UPS ground - currently 4-5 business days to most locations.

This means you need to allow at least 2 weeks from order to expected delivery.

If you are planning an event or other deadline, be sure to order 3 weeks in advance to be safe.