The Burnt Coffee Company is proud to present a collaboration with local artists. A portion of the merchandise sold in our online shop that was created by an artist goes directly to the artist to help them continue to be imaginative and create. Our intention is to encourage a culture of support for artist in the local community.

Please view the Shop page for a closer look at the beautifully created artwork or stop in and view the artwork up close with the ability to purchase right off the wall of our 3232 15th Ave W Suite 101, Seattle WA 98119 location.

Mireille Rommel

Bilonda Mireille (Pappas) Rommel.

I am an abstract painter from Democratic Republic of Congo, who lives in the Seattle area. You will get to know a bit about me in my artwork.  I am inspired by just about anything around me; it varies from my moods to my children and my husband. I am always finding ways to represent all of me and never forgetting where I came from. My Congolese roots is always presented. My roots no one and nothing, can take that away. My favorite medium to paint with is oil. Anything from bold bright to soft neutral colors to black and white. Each blank canvas is a new beginning! I hope each piece of art that I create can bring some joy, a good feeling, a memory, optimism or even a smile, and then what I have set out to accomplish will have succeeded.